Welcome to the abyss of the entity known as Cronos! This site will serve as a catalyst and archive for my brand of dark works... Documenting deeds sinister from my past, present, and future. New additions to the abyss will be noted from the "Newly Acquired Souls" list directly below, and upcoming news will appear within the "Plans Within Plans" section below that.

The site will be updated on a daily basis for quite a while to come... So check back often and be sure to refresh any pages if the site looks old! I dohope you're all intelligent enough to decipher how to navigate the menu to the left.

Messis Ex Morte,


  • 09/18/06 - The Keep movie review up!
  • 09/17/06 - Slither movie review up!
  • 09/17/06 - Fixing a lot of the typos! I rushed through the creation of the Movies and Arcade sections, and it shows!
  • 09/17/06 - Arcade section is up and running!
  • 09/16/06 - New blog up concerning the opening of Kingdom Cronos
  • 09/16/06 - First movie review up for "Tombs Of The Blind Dead" 
  • Get a preliminary section up for the "Tales" section of the website. Short term goal is to have a complete published and unpublished chronology of work up. Longterm goal is to publish short fiction stories whose full reprint rights have reverted back to me.
  • Get some links up for that section.
  • Tidy up some of the graphics.
  • And... Reveal the SECRET IDENTITY of The Ayatollah from RantRadio at long last! Also I'll recant how the show came about, how it was done, why it was done, and why Shane Monroe was but a mere frogmouthed amateur fighting a losing battle against a real professional! Also a full archive of old Rant Radio shows in their superior AVI format straight from the Cronos Production vault will be archived and posted again for all to enjoy!